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about us


SSWL began with a working team of 5 members and is growing with considerable pace. It caters to an ever-increasing domestic and commercial customer service base. The central vision of the company is to provide reliable, high-speed and efficient broadband internet services to all areas of Kolkata. SSWL offers a highly effective system of support to address all broadband related issues including Internet of Things (IOT) and IP based addressable systems. The company will be launching V-SAT based broadband services at the earliest. SSWL depends on a set-up of channel partners, franchisees and service providers that are local and in tune with the areas of the city to ensure unhindered connectivity. This commitment to local community-oriented services puts SSWL at an advantage when compared to its competitors. SSWL's dedication to providing reliable internet stems from its consistent support to the project of Digital India and its initiative to make internet accessibility easier for everyone. Its competitive prices and efficient team make the company a reliable and sustainable choice.